Hello! I’m Emily,

I am a graphic designer currently working at WIRED magazine. I received a degree in Graphic design from California College of the Arts May 2018.​​​​​​​
The past two years I have worked on publications such as San Francisco Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle. I have a passion for typography and am detail oriented in my work. My aptitude in research, print, layout, and typography has been recognized by winning CCAs’ Book Arts Competition for design and research.
During my time at school, I gladly took on leadership opportunities such as becoming co-president of the CCA AIGA Student Chapter, where I organized and ran events within the San Francisco design community. I was also part of TBD*, CCA’s collaborative student-run studio that works to empower Bay Area Non-profits.
When I’m not absorbed in a new design project, I enjoy exploring new places, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. I am constantly curious and always open to trying something new. Currently I am teaching myself JavaScript, calligraphy, and to sew my own clothes. 
Feel free to contact me at: hello@emilywaite.com

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